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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  July 26, 2012 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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report." >>neil: they are buying it. now take a look, the dow soaring on talk of a new european rescue fueling good economic news with jobless claims dropping more than thought. orders for big ticket items raising more than thought. but will the numbers due out tomorrow put cold water on all of the above? we are 103 days away and we already are looking at florida all over again. >> every vote counts. count every vote. >>neil: it could be so, welcome, everyone, i am neil
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cavuto. think it can't happen again? it is happening again. because although the election is still months away, both sides are getting ready with the lawyers. the come any campaign calling on virginia's attorney general to investigate claims that voter registration forms are sent out to deceased relatives, children, and family pets. no way of knowing which way the pets will vote but they are going out to element-leaning voting blocks. and a big supporter of the president is warning the obama campaign to be ready for multiple challenges in multiple states that could stop me if you have heard this before, lead to multiple recounts. the former white house chief of that staff was central figure in the recount between al gore and george bush. remember that? it came down to a few of the hanging chads. picture this happening in tight
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races across the country. are we looking at a huge mess? and now, my guest is here with what is happening in virginia. >>guest: right now, a washington, dc, based group set out a few hundred thousand pre-printed registration forms with information on them. as you mentioned, a lot of the forms went to people's pets, their deceased parents, their children, their deceased pets and all of those cases, raising a lost concern with the romney camp that lots of fake voters are being registered. the problem is no crime has been committed. the attorney general cannot begin an investigation and may not be interested unless someone comes through the proper challenges which is if the state board of elections asks him to launch an investigation. >>neil: it only becomes substantive if the numbers and
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bad ballots become substantive, right? in retrospect in a close election they are a big deal. but in a not so close election not a big deal. what do you think? >>guest: virginia will be close. that is a certainty. in the senate race and in the presidential rate. in a very close election, where just a few thousand votes could decide everything, these are concerns that campaigns are going to have or that they will try to frighten supporters on both sides, whether it is the one side saying we they are trying to stop you from voting and the other side saying they are having dead people cast multiple ballots. >>neil: this happens a lot when you raise the issues, no matter how sophisticated the apparatus, we have this sort of thing. is this more than usual? are we just more post 2002?
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>>guest: the lawyering up before elections has gotten worst last 12 years. the classic case is 2000. there have always been elections like there but it is happening more and more. you remember that minnesota senate recount, bush and al gore, and you remember any number of other cases recently where you have had court cases over elections. it is not an entirely new phenomenon but it seems to happen a lot more at a higher legal of politics. >>neil: interesting, dave, as always. i think if you are a siamese cat and you have a ballot, i think you would vote republican. >>guest: the dogs are voting against romney. >>neil: that -- well, it depends. and if you thing it is messy new wait until you see it three months from now. here we go, right? >>guest: i will have to get my
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sleep new. common sense, you have vote are i.d. laws in some states. person started theirs 758,000 people in that state do not have photo i.d., wait until everyone shows up and are told they need a photo i.d. you have 11 states that require photo i.d. with different laws around the country. if the race is very close they will be challenged, 6,000 democratic lawyers reportedly ready to be sent out for this. i am sure you have the same amount on romney's side so if it is close look for problems in ohio, pennsylvania, potentially virginia, texas, florida, and potentially it could go on in lawsuits and challenges for a long time. >>neil: the states that do not have photo i.d. requirement, you have to show or prove something? >>guest: you need to have some form of identification. that could be, even, just a utility bill. if they do not have anything you could sign an affidavit ballot or a provisional ballot and in
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some case that has to go to a judge to confirm you are who you say you are. in minnesota you do not need that. there is a vouching law, you can get 15 people together and as long as you claim you know those 15 people, that is all you need in minnesota to have the continue people to vote. it's unbelievable. every state is different. all different laws are varied. when you have this situation in virginia with this group, credit ins -- critics claims that is more. >>neil: do we know how pets and deceased relatives get in here in the first place? >>guest: this went to texas. "voter registration documents enclosed." register to vote. and here is the registration form. >>neil: the give away is "fluffy." >>guest: the small writing does say, the small writing says it comes from voter participation center. >>neil: and it was signed with
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a paw print. >>guest: they used publicity like everyone else claiming they go off the publicities and they believe romney campaign is full of it. others say, no, no, no, this group started as part of a foundation from 2003 and they claim there is a political agenda behind it that the officials are democratic campaign consultants, former ones. the guy who helps out with the voter registration forms, according to the website, is a form worker for obama for rving in the campaign's media department and a field agoer in 2008. nothing wrong with that, but credit is say that shows they are partisan. they say, no, they are not, they are trying to increase voter registration by the majority of groups that have been underserved. i don't know if that includes the dogs. >>neil: we showed eight dogs and we tookest to show that four were republican and four were
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democrat. republicans now, did you see this latest development? not really but a new poll does find that republicans are getting generally more jazzed about the presidential race than democrats. 51 percent are more enthusiastic compared to 35 percent of republicans who felt the same way four years ago but are they getting all excited about this guy? or just getting rid of this guy? chris, what is the deal? >>guest: well, you see democratic enthusiasm decrease. you look at 2000, it was 8 percent. in 2008 it was 69 percent and, now, down to 39 percent. so, there is democrat enthusiasm is decreating and republican enthusiasm is increasing. but the excitement of romney is like the song "girls are get prettier at closing time." closer to election time the
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nominee is more attractive. the favorability was 60 percent and it was 70 percent, and you look for a republican nominee to be at 90 percent with his party other a democratic with his party. romney will not go more than nine out of ten republican votes so there is enthusiasm around him. but, also, there is a strong amount of animosity to president obama more than democrats toward george bush and more than republicans have had toward a democratic president. those factors all mix together to get the enthusiasm numbers you are seeing. >>neil: be very careful judging guys who wait around the bars lake hoping to be found attractive. i was that guy. i wonder, chris, in 1988 if memory serves me right, there was obviously in the a great deal of enthusiasm for jimmy carter, but, even among moderate republicans at the time, it was still a lost angst about this conservative ronald reagan who had sort of taken over the
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republican party and many had considerable angst about that and him. now, he alleviated the concerns as time went on but i guess they felt so angry at jimmy carter they buried that and just said, all right, we are with you. could you see any inclination of that here and now with mitt romney? >>guest: more so. you look at carter's numbers with the republicans in 1980 were 24 percent, 24 percent favorable with republicans. president obama is only ten percent favorable with republicans. so you look at that difference --. >>neil: that is all republicans? not conservative but all? >>guest: all republicans. gallup poll did not break it down by ideology. your point is right on and i say that what the feelings toward president obama are so intense for republicans that they magnify even what is going on with democrats toward bush in
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1984 and what happened toward george h.w. bush when he was 22 favorable with democrats. so, what we are seeing is historic feeling that, really, you can go back to 1968 and republican numbers, of course, lbj were not in that range. the feelings that existed and you can see the same sort of numbers impacting democrat enthusiasm of the election, why republicans took over congress in 2010. it is why republicans have a great chance of taking over the senate in 2012 and that gives obama the opportunity to look at something and say, wow, i really did build this. >>neil: we will watch closely. thank you, chris wilson. forget u.k., is this where governor romney should be going instead and tell this give where to get off? >> this crisis was not originated in europe, since you mention north america, this crisis was originated in north america.
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>>neil: mark zuckerberg who became a billionaire many times over with the big stock offering now has sort of the street credibility to prove it coming in with earnings of first release of the publicly traded company that did beat street estimates. that's what they were looking for, to beat estimates but the company did report a loss of less than thought at $167 million. but, furthermore in the internet world they look at revenue. point, click, and how much cash do they generate. they generate add lot more than thought. so, for mark zuckerberg would founded this social networking site in his dorm room, a confirmation that he got it right, whether it is a confirmation the stock price is justified, that's, again, another matter, but for zuckerberg, a big win in facebook numbers. >> meanwhile, food in berlin,
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rent in rome, pushed away in paris, sounds like something any u.s. presidential candidate would want to avoid and mitt romney is avoiding stops like this in an overseas trip. and the national journal economist says the republican nominee is missing a great opportunity. what do you mean? >>guest: well, governor romney is flying overtime biggest economic crisis in the world right now in the euro zone and he is missing a couple of chances in doing is. the first is political. governor romney believes and has said a lot to this point that the basic principles of american capitalism are good and would be a good thing for more countries to adopt. if he went to france or italy or greece and told them, you need to do more to be more like us, to liberalize the labor markets to raise your retirement ables and reduce government spending,
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your economy will grow and you will get out of this crisis. >>neil: but he would be booed. >>guest: in a way that the american public would like. people would reasonable not that happy about the way he has been jeered in england because it has been something of national pride with the olympics but it is different with the french if particular and different when he is going there saying, look, be more men, do more of the core economic capitalist things that we know and love that have worked for us. a bad reception in europe --. >>neil: we just lost our audio feed. did the white house control that feed? we have california cameron on following the visit to the president in london. he was visiting with the prime minister, david cameron, to relation to our own carl cameron. david wishes he could be carl.
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all right, we have an audio problem. i do want to take a quick look again at the market today because there were a couple of developments today. we got some encouraging data out today, talk of another european rescue today. and we got good news from facebook with better-than-expected news from facebook and the capitalism discussion shows that mark zuckerberg could have the credibility that beat the street estimates. to being a different kind of communications company by continuing to help you do more and focus on the things that matter to you.
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>>neil: we got to the bottom of what caused two back-to-back remote interviews to crash and went to color bars. we traced to this guy. >> this crisis was not originated in europe. sense you mention north america, this crisis was originated in north america. >>neil: the head of the ec mission. we have had 71 at his expense and took the bug out of our situation. my apologies to our guests and to you at home who were robbed of the opportunity to learn what going on in europe the we will provide cliff notes. stocks taking off on the news of a european bailout on the way. what is weird, folks, we get excited on the prospect of government bailouts. then we get the bailouts, limited or a lot, and you know
1:23 pm
what we do? we go right back and we sell off again. so, i get nervous with this sort of development, and the market watcher extraordinaire i get nervous when we get too excited. >>guest: you should. we have heard this for the last three years. they have a big bailout coming. >>neil: and they get it and then, you know, we wake up and we realize it stunk. >>guest: what is lacking, neil, is details and where the money is coming from. now, today they came out and said we will do whatever it takes but they did not -- he did say the euro zone would survive but did not say in what form and whether all of the present members will be future members. furthermore, he doesn't have the power to print the money to bail out all of these countries. there was a a new crisis each
1:24 pm
day. they have taken up --. >>neil: we have to wake up and smell the latte because this thing is over. the european union as we know it, the united states of america of europe, it ain't cutting it. it is a matter of time. we have problems of our own, right? we have a g.d.p. numbers coming out tomorrow that could show growth of all of 1 percent. that is not much to write home about. >>guest: i don't expect we will get a good print on the g.d.p. tomorrow at all. if you look at the four components, personal consumption expenditures, business expenses, government spending and net exports, they do not look good. now, consumers spent more money, probably on health care and they spent more money on automobiles but outside of that, not much more. and our exports are hurting because europe is slowing down and because china is slow down. in the meantime the stronger dollar as a result of the weaker euro has meant our export prices are more hurting our exports so
1:25 pm
you had it up and businesses say, look, we are not selling as many products and that is showing up right now in corporate revenues coming in light on the expectation so they are not spending money, either. so, if businesses are not spending, and people are in the spending, and we are not exporting, this is going to be a lousy number. if you put a couple these lousy numbers together, i expect tomorrow will be about 1 percent or less, make three quarters of a percent, then you are at a stalled speed. >>neil: you follow this closely, but if you get less than 1 percent growth, katie bar the door. that would be devastating news to a street that is under the assumption we have a recovery limping along. anything less than 1 percent would raise the "r," word, recession. how likely is that? >>guest: we are headed into a recession. if you follow the trail and try to take out the mild effects, we
1:26 pm
are not seeing any traction in the economy. today's umployment report was better-than-expected but the jobless claims are not good. >>neil: that is an average. having said that, most of the data from corporate america has been on the weaker than expected side and why is that interesting for you? >>guest: well, it is the most interesting of all because rather knews are really, really they are telling the story. if the revenues are light from export and domestic side you are not selling stuff. the biggest reason that the manufacturers and businesses hire people, because they are selling more stuff. when they sell less stuff they are not only not hiring but they are laying off. so we are selling less stuff. selling less stuff here and around the world. that will be directly reflected
1:27 pm
in the jobs report. that will continue to hamper consumer spending and the trends are negative here. they are not positive. we have only 46 percent of companies beating revenue expectations and expectations themselves were pretty let. >>neil: thank you, buddy, from ft. worth, texas. a perfect feed. nothing went down. and man of you are letting me know the ec president is portugese, not french. i am well aware and i told you man times on this show it doesn't matter, he sounds french. and now, the ultimate smack down, should the president of the united states speak up about chick-fil-a?
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>>neil: we get a lot of earning this time of year. there are hundreds and hundreds to go through. we tray to go through what we consider the most consequential. including amazon. many consider that is a barometer for the economy. if that is so, not a great one, the profit forecast missing, in general, the largest retailer saw a second quarter revenue in profit estimates slip as concern dill -- kindle posted disappointing sells falling $7 million. but a lot of people look at
1:32 pm
amazon as a bell weather. i think we are taking a gadget pause. we saw that with apple and people are waiting for the next generation of gadgets whether it is a new iphone or a new kindle device. so people are chilling and until they come out they are not buying. i'm not an analyst who follows this minute by minute. >> chick-fil-a getting fried and gay activists slamming the chain because the c.e.o. backs traditional, not gay marriage, even calls to keep elections of the chain from opening up. time for the president to speak out on this? my guest thinks so. mark is with "the weekly standard." you saying that you think, mark, the president comes out in defense of the company and the chairman having a position and
1:33 pm
the free point of view on traditional marriage should in the be penalized, right? explain it. >>guest: well, yes, basically here is the deal. the president is in trouble in part because he had to veer left on any number of issues including reversing the's on gay marriage and going harder in favor of mission. so the political truism that democrats do not like to acknowledge this is a center right country and if you are a democrat beholden to the left this will hurt you. this is a chance where, (a), it is the right thing to do for the president to defend chick-fil-a's right to operate a business regardly of the personal belief of the c.e.o. and there is, (b), a golden opportunity for obama do have a moment where he displays independence from the left wing of the party. >>neil: we will recall and we
1:34 pm
bring this, where bill clinton took on african-americans and those more liberal in the party who said that any criticism of a leading african-american, even violent speech which was advocated if songs and general demeanor, he was going to have none of this. this is bill clinton back then. >> her comments before and after los angeles were filled with the kind of hatred you do not honor today and tonight. listen to what she said. she told the "washington post" about a month ago, and i quote, "if black people kill block people every day why not have a we can kill white people." >>neil: he took a lot of heat from his party, the jesse jackson and others at the time but he rallied moderates in the country. you argue the president should try to do the same. the president just stated the views and it is too soon.
1:35 pm
and people would be too suspicious. >>guest: well, there is that danger but i think that what obama has to gain versus what he has to lose is the equation is in the president's favor. look how this would help the president. one, it would show the president standing up for the cultural traditions of "bitter clinger," socially conservative democrats in places like western pennsylvania and southern ohio off put by the president's coziness with the culture elite. he could defend the c.e.o. without reversing the position on gay marriage or backtrack on that. and because one of the incidents in chick-fil-a involves rahm emanuel, the mayor of chicago trying to stop the fran chinese from building in chicago, this would give the president an opportunity to distance himself from the sleazy chicago machine politics he is associated with.
1:36 pm
>>neil: but you raise a good point. you could differren schalit yourself from saying, look, i disagree with the chick-fil-a president who said he has nothing against gays but he just respects an honest traditional marriage. a lot of people strongly disagree. but the president could say you should not boycott those companies whose c.e.o.'s or key members have points of view you don't like. i don't envision that happening. >>guest: well, the other thing i would say, remember the speech obama gave in 2004 and this put him on the map. what made everyone seriously look at obama, he gave a speech about red states versus the blue states and we have gay friends in the red states and we coach gay friends in the blue states. we unite people. and people want to see this for better or worse they perceive the president as divisive and the president has contributed with the way he veered left on a
1:37 pm
lot of issues. he needs to move to the center before election day in november. >>neil: we will see. it is cutting it close time wise but we will see. always good to see you. >> you know about the drought the you know how the government says it will cost you. here is what you do not know: it will cost you more than they say. machine -- much, much more. happy birthday! thank you, nana send money to anyone's checking account with chase quickpay.
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>>neil: why mean to give you a bunch of corporate earnings news but this is important and we pass it along because it is a barometer for the economy. starbucks has shares getting burned at 9 percent right now after seeing a weak outlook here and abroad. starbucks is on every street corner worldwide. but the demand for a lost their pricey joe is weighing on folks globally who can not afford it. we will keep you posted.
1:41 pm
the severe drought is not helping, either, gripping our crops and could have americans losing their grip on their cash. prices if corn futures soaring 50 percent in the last couple of months and that will lift everything up from feed to chicken prices in rapid order. to a man who is never chicken but predicted this fallout, dave ramsey, it is one by one. what do you make of this? >>guest: well, certainly one eats the other. it will heat the beef quickly. it does not take long to take that connection. so it will, with a slowed economy and a slowed job market growth, and the drain that the government has been on the economy, meaning that incomes are affected by that, incomes have in the gone up enough to offset the increases in the cost of goods to operate your home. your basic necessities. food. ethanol. that will be affected because of con. so you see that unfold and we
1:42 pm
see 3 percent or 4 percent or 5 percent here and then the consume has a squeeze that is a bigger deal than gas price increase. >>neil: it will be more than 5 percent if we already know corn-related futures are up in excess of 44 percent the residual fallout cannot be 5 percent or ten percent. it has to be more. >>guest: well, the futures is an unbelievable volatile market with a drought in the spring and you have a fall crop, too. so there will be other things coming around but this time next year it will have smoothed out. you could have an unbelievable spike in the short-term in some of these things. >>neil: what do you tell people in the meantime, you about sticking to a budget, religiously, and people who moved out of beef into chicken because it is cheaper are finding chicken will get to approaching prices for veal, the
1:43 pm
top meat so what do they do say perish of thought of becoming vegetarian. >>guest: that is not happening for me i am a meat lover. you are working on the career independent of the who, you are doing your deal with your life. so you are trying to create your income in spite of the political and economic pressures. people are winning out there in our world today. you keep working on that side. and you do the budget. you make the money behave. it may mean you make some choices and you do not perish the thought you do not have nfl ticket on your cable so you keep the beef on your table. get rid of cable so you have something on the table kind of thing. it is possible. you will have to make adjustments and you do it on paper, on purpose, intentionally and that is called the dreaded "b" word, the budget. >>neil: now the front linese dra
1:44 pm
particular farm is being hit very hard. jeff? >>guest: if dave thinks it costs a lot to feed you and me think what it costs to feed the cows right now. usually they get corn. but that is $8 corn right now. they are eating hey that was reserved for them for deserve because this farmer cannot afford essentially to feed the cows right now. i put up the severe drought condition numbers, the latest numbers today. u.s. farmland 21 percent is in severe drought. the midwest is 29 percent. and illinois, ground zero, 71 percent. you know what that feels like? >> it has been hot and dry and we have not had rain. >> you are feeding feed that you were planning to feed them in december. what will you do in december? >>guest: continuing to look trying to buy hey with everybody else.
1:45 pm
>>reporter: this got the attention of speaker who says we need to do something about livestock producers. you look at this. this is what the corn looks like. it is supposed to look like that, but this is what they look like right now the that is the drought. that looks like a baby corns you put on your chinese salad or thai food or whatever it is. but these cows probably would like to eat it. they would normally eat that, i think. it is hot out on the farm. >>neil: it is hot, indeed, very good reporting. meanwhile the carnage, absolute carnage in the streets of syria. and a u.s. panel is meeting about streetwalkers. [ male announcer ] it's a golden opportunity...
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>>neil: i want to get back to facebook. it was a big deal initially that sort of pooped out and we recorded numbers with the first earnings report as publicly traded company, coming in better-than-expected both earnings and sales. here is what is prompting a sell off after hours in facebook shares. does this ring a bell to a lot of you? it is worried about the future. its lack of a clear forecast is spooking the investor. they will not go through the song and dance of handicapping quarters but people interpret that with a lousy forecast. that does not appear to be the case here it is just in forecast. and that words the street. so anying he must be worried.
1:50 pm
but facebook shares after hours are down 11 percent. >> more deadly violence breaking out in syria today the new report putting the total killed, get a load of this, to over 19,000. you would think that fact alone would have the united nations focusing all their energies on saving lives there. and not on things like telling world leaders where to localize prostitution and make it legal every where. i kid you not. my guest is not surprised. so, they talking claudia about making prostitution legal worldwide as tens of thousands are getting butchered in syria. i think the priors are misplaced. >>guest: correct, this is another classic case u.n. wild overreach. this is an institution, the u.n., that has failed to stop the north korean or iranian nuclear weapons program, it is
1:51 pm
fail telling stop the carnage in syria, and it hasn't even prevented one of its own organizations from transferring the high-tech sanctioned banned materials to north korea and they want to instruct the world on prostitution. >>neil: the end to that is what? you make this legal everywhere, it will be better if all our health in in other words, they will be screened and more inclined to check with the doctor? what? >>guest: you do not understand because it is confusing, the u.n. has a convention that requires member states to prohibit prostitution, to make it illegal. and another convention suggests it should be legal depending on which convention you prefer or ratify --. >>neil: who sits on that
1:52 pm
convention? they are the one whose utilize the services of the prostitute but i digress. >>guest: i have a theory this is at the bottom about money. the u.n. raised a lot of money in the fight against hiv/aids, a have good fight. but this has been going on, hiv/aids, as people learn more, it has become less the colossal disaster we were afraid of and the u.n. is making a push for a massive across-the-board approach to fighting hiv/aids in which they now would have countries around the world repealing laws against prostitution. if you look at the findings of the committee that put this out, in order to allow or promote health measures for sex workers around the world, who is supposed to be doing this?
1:53 pm
it has the makings, the trade that jumped out at me, that donations have been flagging. there is a new initiative going on. this is under the u.n. development program which also is underfire right new and fox has been leading the way on the stories about this, for the same u.n. development program that just helped another u.n. organization transfer high-tech computers to north korea and the u.n. develop president program also has been hosting this committee which now has put out the recommendations on how they wish to tackle hiv/aids and the recommendations is do repeal laws against prostitution were they go beyond that to say, provide health care for sex workers, safe conditions for sex workers. okay, there is a whole complex debate there over how you deal with prostitution. but the u.n., if there is an organization of a land it not
1:54 pm
equipped to spark or engage or preside over it or prescribe anything to the rest of us, it is the u.n. they have in the even managed to stop their own peacekeepers. >>neil: and there is the other little side issue of the u.n. dressing prostitution of any sort is probably not a go image maker. but, finally, do you get a sense that they are justin able to handle the other issues so they think, well, we will move on to an issue everyone might agree on? >>guest: well, very much so. they have at this point so many issues where they are forever looking for anything that they can cook up, imagine, where they think they can get some traction the u.n. is an endless factory of bizarre self serving initiatives. >>neil: good stuff as always.
1:55 pm
thank you. >> the mother of all economic issues and we are missing it. not whether you are pro spending but whether you are appropriating. forget what is not going on in the war room, wait until you hear what is not going on in the nation's bedroom. just say the "sheet," just hit the fan. [ male announcer ] we did a febreze experiment with the azerbaijani wrestling team. ♪ can febreze air effects
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>> neil: finally let me stress we're stressed. forget about the fact the economy's not generating jobs. we are not generating kids. the lousy recovery is putting the brakes on berth. the u.s. birth rate is the lowest in 25 years. it tells me, one, we're not in the mood to have kids in an economy like this or, two, we're not in the mood period. a lot of us are voting with the
1:59 pm
lower torso surrounding our wallet. this could be the step experts are missing. offspring we're not creating. forget spreadsheets. focus on what is not going on under the sheets and the excuse for what's not going on under the sheets. not tonight, i have a recovery ache or let's just cuddle while the economy tumbles. so worried about what washington's spending, we're all spent? because it's one thing to delay kids until there's a recovery but if this takes as long as i suspect, a lot of folks might be too old to make kids once we have the recovery. wouldn't that is a kick in the pants. the economy is off to the races but it's too late for us to bother taking off our pants. okay. >> out of jail after five years and he's talking to us, and only us. richard


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